Huckabee Does His Usual Schtick at Swanson’s Conference

Huckabee Does His Usual Schtick at Swanson’s Conference November 10, 2015

Mike Huckabee appeared at Kevin Swanson’s “religious liberties” conference in Iowa this weekend and gave his usual stump speech/sermon. If elected, he’ll totally ignore the Supreme Court whenever he feels like it, especially on same-sex marriage and abortion. In fact, he thinks the constitution already forbids abortion, so he’ll just ignore Rowe v Wade too.

“Here’s what the president should do, and if I were president this is what I would do,” he said. “On the same-sex marriage decision, I would simply say, ‘It is not law.’ It is not law because the people’s elected representatives have not made it law and there is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Supreme Court power to make a law. They are the Supreme Court, they are not the supreme branch or the Supreme Being.”

“And so,” he added, “when people say, ‘What can we do? Let’s introduce a constitutional amendment, let’s propose a — .’ No. Let’s just exhibit and exercise the power that is already within the constitutional authority and structure and the president simply say, ‘Thank you for your opinion, but we shall ignore it because there’s nothing in the Constitution that affirms that and we are not going to impose upon all 50 states something that the federal government has no control over, which is the definition of marriage.’”…

On the topic of abortion rights, Huckabee repeated his support for radical “personhood” proposals that seek to bypass a constitutional amendment overturning Roe by simply granting full constitutional rights to zygotes.

“I don’t know how we honestly can pray ‘God bless America’ when we have acted like a savage, uncivilized country in relationship to unborn children,” Huckabee said.

Oh, that’s an easy one: We’re following his example! After all, God repeatedly instructs the Israelites to slaughter entire countries, including all the pregnant women and the children (at least the male ones; the female ones, they liked to keep for themselves…for purely moral purposes, I’m sure). In fact, if they failed to do exactly as he instructed and destroy everyone they were ordered to destroy, God became very angry at them. And that “holy book” you love so much says of the Babylonians, “Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock!” And remember, far more pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions, which you have to believe was chosen by God to happen, than by medical ones. God would be the biggest abortionist in the world.

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