Swanson Gives Kill List, With a Brief Reprieve

Swanson Gives Kill List, With a Brief Reprieve November 10, 2015

KevinSwansonDeranged bigot and theocrat Kevin Swanson spoke at his own absurdly-named “religious liberties” conference this weekend and offered up a list of people he thinks should be put to death, including gay people, adulterers, divorcees and those who watch porn. But he wanted them all to know that, nice guy that he is, he doesn’t want to kill them right away — he’ll give them a chance to repent first.

In a closing keynote address to the conference this evening, Swanson clarified that he is not encouraging American officials to implement the death penalty for homosexuality … yet.

Instead, he said, gay people first need time to repent of their sins, as do people who have committed adultery, gotten divorced or looked at porn, all of which he said are inviting God’s judgment on America.

How magnanimous of you!

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