Swanson: Quiverful People the Most Persecuted Ever!

Swanson: Quiverful People the Most Persecuted Ever! November 12, 2015

KevinSwansonIn his closing speech to the fake “religious liberties” conference he organized, Christian fascist Kevin Swanson went on a rant against the evils of contraception and brought up the Quiverful folks (he refers to them as “full quiver”). And he declared that the people in that movement are the most persecuted people in the history of the country!

Swanson said as much in his closing speech at the Iowa conference, claiming that while the Quiverfull movement has experienced more “persecution” than anyone in the history of America, its ideas are now taking hold in the wider Religious Right.

“It’s interesting, some of the greatest preachers in America are effectively saying contraception was a problem from the beginning,” he said, specifically citing Southern Baptist theologian Al Mohler and well-known pastor John MacArthur. “And they’re joining ranks with a fair number of those who used to be in the full quiver movement, who, by the way, have received so much persecution. I have never seen anybody receive such persecution, at least in this country, as the full quiver folks. And they didn’t always have their theology right, but now major theologians in America are saying, ‘I think we had a problem in these areas.’’

The Native Americans would like a word with you, Mr. Swanson. And the slaves. And the Chinese. I have no idea what he might even be referring to. Has anyone in the Quiverful movement ever been persecuted by any possible definition of that word? They’ve been criticized, of course, but that sure as hell isn’t persecution.


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