Jesse Lee Peterson Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

Jesse Lee Peterson Should Not Be Allowed to Vote November 18, 2015

JesseLeePetersonJesse Lee Peterson, the incredibly far-right wingnut who thinks women should not be allowed to vote (because he’s as much a misogynist as he is an anti-gay bigot and an Uncle Tom on racial matters), has a bizarre column at the Worldnetdaily that will just leave you scratching your head. He combines the protests at Missouri with the terrorist attacks in Paris in one big jumble of stupid.

And with clear evidence that white Americans are standing by as their country is going down in flames, Friday evening we heard news of the Paris attacks and concert hall massacre of mostly white French by Muslim terrorists.

Somewhere along the way, whites in Europe and America have lost their connection to God and have decided to give up defending their communities and freedoms. Europe has been in the process of handing their continent over to Muslims. And white Americans are handing over their country to black malcontents – and Muslims. Friday it was reported that the first wave of Syrian immigrants had arrived in New Orleans . Where was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to stop this? Where are the protests from outraged Americans?

Oh yeah, that “first wave” of Syrian refugees in New Orleans. How many? 13 of them. Total. That isn’t a wave, it’s barely a trickle. And by what possible authority does Peterson think Jindal could stop it? He has no control over who gets refugee status and who doesn’t. And guess what? Those 13 Syrian refugees are fleeing the very same terrorists we’re fighting against. That matters to reasonable people, but not to bigots who think every Muslim is exactly the same.

The greatest civilizations in the world are being destroyed by the godless.

The godless have not been raised by decent parents. They’re looking for love in all the wrong places, and in the wrong way. And now they’re destroying the free world.

Wait, I thought they were being destroyed by the Muslims? The Muslims sure as hell aren’t “godless.” Nor are the overwhelming majority of those black people he thinks are so evil (but not him, of course; he isn’t really black, at least in his mind). Standard wingnut thinking — everyone that I hate is exactly the same. I hate Muslims and I hate godless people so — voila! — Muslims are now godless too.

People this stupid should not be allowed to vote.

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