Everything Wrong With America in a Single Picture

Everything Wrong With America in a Single Picture November 29, 2015

ChristianPrivilegeOkay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But this sign, put up by Sheriff Mike Jolley of Harris County, Georgia, represents so many ideas and assumptions that I absolutely hate about the American right wing: ignorance, highly politicized religion, entitlement, Christian privilege and a completely fictitious belief that Christians are terribly persecuted in this country.


My friend Andrew Seidel writes an open letter to Sheriff Jolley, noting some historical comparisons:

In an interview last June, you said of Harris County, “I hope we stay that way,” meaning stay the way things “were 40-50 years ago.” We can only surmise that this sign is an attempt to regain some of the division, discrimination, and hate of that bygone era because it resembles the signs that dotted Georgia’s “Sundown Towns” warning non-whites to get out of town before sunset, or else. Signs that typically read “[Racial slur], DON’T LET THE SUN SET ON YOU HERE.” If your goal is to take your county back to those benighted times, congratulations…

. . . Harris County is politically incorrect . . .

First of all, this is factually wrong. In the interest of truth, you should edit this line of the sign. It is not politically incorrect to agree with positions that the majority of Americans hold. The more appropriate term is pandering. Fear- or hate-mongering would also be appropriate.

Secondly, this has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with politics. The sign and its posting to social media is a transparent publicity grab. It’s no coincidence that you have just announced that you are running for a seventh term in the next few months. During the interview in which you made that announcement, you said, with no apparent irony, “we want to treat our citizens not just like we work for them, but we live with them also.” I guess that doesn’t apply to religious minorities and your nonreligious neighbors.

This is what it always is, conservative Christians pissing on their territory, sending a very clear message that if you are not one of them, you’re not a Real American tm.

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