Carson: Syrian Refugees Would Rather Stay in Camps

Carson: Syrian Refugees Would Rather Stay in Camps December 1, 2015

Credit: Michael Vadon
Credit: Michael Vadon
Ben Carson went to visit a refugee camp in Jordan full of people who have fled the civil war in Syria and came back taking the utterly bizarre position that those refugees would rather stay in the camps than go anywhere else. Which perfectly explains why so many of them have been flooding into Europe and seeking asylum in other countries around the world. Because that’s what you’d do if you were happy in the refugee camps.

During a visit to Jordan, Carson explained to several Sunday morning shows that refugees who fled Syria wanted to return to their country instead of coming to the United States…

ABC host Martha Raddatz reminded Carson the U.S. had already spent $4 billion in humanitarian aid.

“So what more can they be doing?” she wondered.

“You have to go there and see for yourself,” Carson recommended.

“I actually have been to the refugee camps,” Raddatz revealed. “They want to go back to Syria — which doesn’t look possible — or they want to go somewhere else. They want jobs. Do you welcome them into America now?”

Carson, however, insisted that “it would be a completely different story” if the refugee camps had “adequate support.”

“The people I talked to don’t want to stay there,” Raddatz insisted.

He can’t possibly really believe that they would rather stay in a refugee camp than start a new life elsewhere. That’s the one belief you cannot possibly maintain after visiting a refugee camp, for crying out loud. It’s just another head-scratching position taken by Carson. I agree with him that we should give more aid to Jordan and Turkey, the two countries housing most of the 4 million Syrian refugees, to help them handle that humanitarian crisis. But this is not an either/or. We can do that and also accept a portion of those refugees to be resettled here.

Jesus Christ, we’re only talking about 10,000 of them. That doesn’t even qualify as a drop in the bucket. France, with about 20% of our population, is taking in 30,000 of them and that’s even after the attacks on Paris. But in this country of 330 million people, the right wing loses their goddamn minds over 10,000 of them.

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