Klayman Blames Others for His Own Incompetence

Klayman Blames Others for His Own Incompetence December 1, 2015

LarryKlaymanLarry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, has a pathetically whiny column at the Worldnetdaily blaming “corruption” and “the establishment” for the fact that he continually loses lawsuits. Because being a wingnut means never having to make an honest assessment of yourself because you always have a long list of boogeymen to blame your failures on.

Sure, if as a lawyer one has the opportunity to represent private interests of equal political, economic or social weight, there is a chance that a court or jury will rule correctly and in a just and righteous way. But if a legal revolutionary, such as myself, files suit against a politically, economically or socially connected person or entity, such as the president or other high official or corporate or labor union executive, the president who nominated the judge will usually dictate the ultimate result. Regrettably, I can predict with near exact certainty, after decades of toiling in the increasing ethical swamp of our judicial system, what the result will be depending on the judge’s connections, extra-judicial biases, inclinations and likely professional aspirations. Let me give you four examples, just for starters.

First, there are the cases I (and others) brought challenging the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to run for and be elected president of the United States. Despite the strong election laws in Florida, my home state, where any taxpayer or voter can challenge a candidate on the basis of fraud or misconduct, the courts there, in three successive cases going all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, dismissed all challenges without nary writing a coherent word explaining why. A similar result occurred in Alabama, although the chief judge there, Roy Moore, had the integrity to write a dissenting opinion agreeing with me. The hard fact: No judge in this country, other than Moore, would make such a ruling against an African-American president like Obama, who has spent his career, a la Al Sharpton playing and using the race card to destroy anyone of a different color who gets in his way. While judges are supposed to adjudicate cases and controversies regardless of political, economic and social pressures, it is revolting at best that they have bent over to this despot and his black and white leftist racist allies and apologists in the media. The result: The country has been sold out to foreign and Muslim interests, including the terrorists Obama refuses to even call Islamic, lest he offend his own bloodline.

Yeah Larry, you and every other lawyer lost all those birther lawsuits because dozens of judges, most of them at the state level who had nothing to do with Obama are in his hip pocket. You know why you lost those cases, Larry? First, because you simply don’t have the facts on your side. Second, because your briefs are written just like your WND columns, almost nothing but political ranting rather than serious legal arguments. That is one sure way to piss off a judge right from the start. And third, because you have a remarkable track record of refusing to follow local court rules, not filing legal documents you were ordered to file and generally being incompetent.

And while you’re talking about corruption, how about taking a $25,000 retainer from a woman and then doing no legal work for her? That one earned a serious reprimand from the Florida Supreme Court. Just like you’ve lost your law license in other jurisdictions and been sanctioned by multiple courts. None of this is the fault of Obama, no matter how convenient it would be for you if it were. You’re just a really shitty lawyer, Larry.

Maybe instead of practicing in real courts, you should just stick to those little kangaroo courts and “citizen grand juries” you convened down in Florida, which accomplished absolutely nothing. That always reminded me of this great exchange from A Few Good Men:

Kaffee: If you speak to a client of mine again without my permission, I’ll have you disbarred. Friends?
Galloway: I had authorization.
Kaffee: From where?
Galloway: Downey’s closest living relative, Ginny Miller, his aunt on his mother’s side.
Kaffee: You got authorization from Aunt Ginny?
Galloway: I gave her a call like you asked. Very nice woman we spoke for about an hour.
Kaffee: You got authorization from Aunt Ginny.
Galloway: Perfectly within my province.
Kaffee: Does Aunt Ginny have a barn? We can hold the trial there. I can sew the costumes. Maybe his Uncle Goober can be the judge.

In the end, Larry, you have only two things on which to blame your nearly endless line of court losses: Yourself and the facts.

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