Another ‘Patriot’ Arrested for Planning to Murder Blacks and Jews

Another ‘Patriot’ Arrested for Planning to Murder Blacks and Jews December 3, 2015

RacismThe FBI has arrested a New York man who was stockpiling automatic weapons and ammunition so he could “execute kikes, coons and get money for the crew.” This is a repeat from pretty much every week in the last few years. But remember, when the DHS or FBI puts out reports about the dangers of right-wing domestic terrorism, that’s an outrageous insult to conservatives.

A man from Whitehall, New York was indicted in federal court this week after an FBI anti-terrorism task forced discovered that he was buying fully automatic machine guns to allegedly “execute” minorities.

According to the Albany Times Union, a federal complaint accused 18-year-old Shane Robert Smith of buying weapons and ammunition from an undercover agent on Aug 6. The firearms included two weapons capable of firing as fully automatic machine guns: a Colt M16 model A2 and a Military Armament Corporation “MAC 10” machine gun.

Smith also acquired a Beretta model 92FS handgun and 120 rounds of armor-piercing “green-tip” ammunition…

The Post Star reported that Smith told undercover investigators that he needed the weapons to “execute kikes, coons and get money for the crew.”

Smith explained that he was building “a hit squad” and would need “a sidearm or heavy weapon” in case he got cornered.

In June of 2014, Smith was arrested for painting racist graffiti and threats of violence on homes and cars. Smith was placed on probation, but the case was sealed because he was under the age of 18 at the time.

What a shock, a guy who paints racist graffiti and threats as a teenager turns into an adult who tries to carry out those racist threats. Even Bill O’Reilly can’t explain that. We see these kinds of things continually, almost all of them coming from far-right anti-government, neo-Confederate and racist fanatics. But when the DHS put out a report in 2009 saying the risk of right-wing terrorism was increasing, conservatives lost their damn minds about it. It was the first great Obama conspiracy to round up conservatives and put them in FEMA concentration camps. The fact that the report was done during the Bush administration did not, of course, even make a dent in their dystopic fantasies.

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