Fischer Blames the Abortion Clinic Killings on…Pot!

Fischer Blames the Abortion Clinic Killings on…Pot! December 3, 2015

Screenshot from Youtube clip
Screenshot from Youtube clip
It’s quite amusing watching the Christian right desperately scrambling to find any possible way to blame the terrorist attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on anything other than being an anti-abortion fanatic. Ted Cruz tried to claim he’s a trans woman (nope, just a clerical error). Now Bryan Fischer has figured it all out: He was on The Pot.

Insisting that there is no reliable evidence as to what motivated Dear to carry out the attack, Fischer suggested that perhaps the legality of marijuana in the state played a role because “we do know that since he moved to Colorado, [Dear] was a pot-smoking nutcase.”

Fischer said that “we have seen one story after another” of people “getting doped up or tanked up or high on pot and going off a doing brutal things,” especially after ingesting marijuana edibles. So obviously “there is no question that the kind of pot that is available in Colorado today can drive you into psychotic episodes,” he stated.

“I’m going to be interested to see what he had in his system,” Fischer said, “and if maybe this was a guy that was just tanked up on pot.”

We need a more compelling phrase than “grasping at straws” for this. If he was on pot, he would have attacked a Frito Lay factory demanding free supplies.

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