Alveda King’s Latest Totally Illogical Argument

Alveda King’s Latest Totally Illogical Argument December 9, 2015
Alveda King, the none-too-bright niece of Martin Luther King who has been using his name to give herself unearned credibility even while being against nearly everything he stood for, has a difficult time constructing logical arguments. She continually tries to ban every bad thing that happens on the legality of abortion, even if she has to make terrible arguments like this:

What we are missing here is the not so subtle connection to what on the surface seems to be random violent outbreaks in the atmosphere. Yet as Rev. Pavone points out, the problems with the Colorado Springs shooting is not the pro-lifers referring to abortion as murder but rather the abortion industry’s utter lack of respect for life and choosing its solution to solving someone’s problem by killing their child.

Although the Colorado Springs shooting was abortion related, we should consider that there is a common denominator; an utter lack of respect for life. Whether there are various underlying causes for the lack of disregard of the rights of others, consequent actions lead to outcomes such as these mass shootings, high abortion rates, high levels of incarceration, suicide and many other threats to the human family.

Terrorism, be it in the womb, from distant shores, behind the domestic walls of our homes, or wherever it occurs, terrorism by any other name is still the same.

Killing has been a part of humanity since Cain killed Abel. Throughout history humans have been killing for greed, convenience, emotional pain, and the like in order to acquire what others have; whether it be land, money, power, or [and we can fill in the blanks here].

Human life has long been devalued to the point that life has often become disposable as long as we can’t see the danger to our own. Herein lies the Catch 22: we disregard others to save ourselves – sadly not realizing that we are universally connected to our human family.

With the passage of time America has joined the rest of the world in rubber stamping the killing of our babies in the womb, as well as the sick, the elderly and in alarmingly increasing numbers, the poor.

With this acceptance of devaluation of humanity, the consciences of men, women and children have been numbed. The answer to one’s problem becomes the dehumanization and elimination of those who would interfere with what someone wants.

Is there any wonder that mass killings are occurring on a regular, almost daily, basis?

Let’s inject a little reality into this issue. Where do such mass shootings occur with incredible regularity? In the United States, where a significant percentage of voters are furiously anti-abortion, where taxpayer funding for abortions is forbidden and where one of the two major political parties makes the outlawing of abortion one of its core platform planks. Where do they rarely occur? In Western Europe, where in most countries there is almost no controversy over abortion, where the nationalized health systems provide free access to abortion services, and where it is a virtual non-issue politically.

Let’s go one step further. What is the primary source of domestic terrorism in the United States? The extreme Christian right, especially anti-abortion groups like the Army of God (plus the hardcore racist right, which is also strongly against abortion). And what is the primary source of terrorism around the world? Islamic fundamentalism, which is, if anything, even more opposed to abortion, birth control and anything remotely like women’s rights than the Christian right in this country.

When the primary sources of violence and terrorism are precisely those groups and ideologies that claim to be in favor of the “sanctity of life,” you don’t get to claim that violence and terrorism are caused by a “lack of respect for life.” You are the problem, not us.

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