Tony Perkins Does Math. Kind Of.

Tony Perkins Does Math. Kind Of. December 12, 2015

TonyPerkinsWe have a new variation on the inane argument that Islam is not a religion because it’s really about political power, an argument so astonishingly hypocritical coming from the Christian right that it boggles the mind. Tony Perkins apparently wants to make this argument so authoritative, so he has derived a quantitative measurement of the religious nature of Islam from his rectal cavity:

If people want to live in America — including Muslims — they need to embrace our Constitution and our culture. Others have said in less artful ways what conservatives have been warning for years: there is no such thing as coexistence between Sharia law and our constitutional republic. That isn’t religious prejudice, but an ideological reality.

What most people either don’t realize or willfully ignore is that only 16 percent of Islam is a religion — the rest is a combination of military, judicial, economic, and political system. Christianity, by comparison, isn’t a judicial or economic code — but a faith. So to suggest that we would be imposing some sort of religious test on Muslims is inaccurate. Sharia is not a religion in the context of the First Amendment.

Well Tony, as my old math teacher liked to say, you need to show your work here, not just declare an answer. How exactly did you determine that 16% of Islam is a religion? And would you apply that same reasoning to Christianity? As for this claim that Christian is not a judicial or economic code, for crying out loud, you have spent your entire adult life using the Bible to justify legislative, judicial and economic policies. You are pretty much the last person on earth who should be able to say with a straight face that Islam is a political system but Christianity is not. How difficult do you think it would be to find quotes from Perkins saying that the Bible, or “God’s law,” trumps the Constitution?

This isn’t just your run of the mill stupidity here, this is the kind of stupidity and hypocrisy that should cause physical pain so intense that you collapse to the ground writhing in pain when you try to say it out loud.

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