‘Coach’ Dave Warns of Fake Right Wing Terror Attacks

‘Coach’ Dave Warns of Fake Right Wing Terror Attacks December 14, 2015

DaveDaubenmireLiving inside the head of “Coach” Dave Daubenmire must be a dark and scary place. He imagines ghouls and goblins lurking everywhere and he calls them all Obama. His latest bit of ridiculous paranoia is his claim that the government is going to start staging fake right-wing terror attacks in order to discredit people like him and — yes, this again — seize all the guns.

Without getting into “conspiracy theories,” which generally make people think that one is a goofball and has lost his senses, I believe in conspiracies—but not in all of the theories. In other words, I think I’m smart enough to cut through the peal and get pretty close to the core of the apple. That is what I’m going to try and do here.

Awww. That’s just freaking adorable.

Imagine this: Another “random” shooting occurs unexpectedly somewhere in the heartland and as expected every available emergency unit responds to the scene. In the recent attack over 350 first responders answered the call. They are sitting ducks for carefully placed bombs remotely exploded when the emergency help races into the building.

Along with the explosion of additional bombs will be a small army of fellow “terrorists” who will descend on the scene with their weapons blazing. This would immediately decimate the first responders and with it a city’s ability to defend the citizenry. Dead cops can’t defend anybody.

What if this “attack” occurred simultaneously in 20 different cities in America?

Although I am not sure of the order of events the second event will be a staged “attack” of a mosque by “right-wing” Christians. Nothing would fit the narrative they have written any better than the poor, peace loving Muslims being attacked by a group of “fundamental” Christians who have not stopped clinging to their God and their guns.

Can you imagine the howls from the left? It would be a two-fer for them; another reason to confiscate all guns while at the same time further demonizing public enemy number one—the Christians. Our government has been warning us for years about the “hateful” pro-lifers lurking outside Planned Parenthood and the radical agenda that these hateful Bible-believers promote…

Some call it the NWO. Some say that “secret societies,” The Illuminati, Bilderbergers, United Nations, or others are behind it all. I am not here to point out who “the man behind the curtain” might be but to hopefully open your eyes to see that there IS a curtain and some shadowy figure is standing behind it. Un-American “President” Obama is merely a front-man.

I find it endlessly amusing that he thinks anyone would have to stage attacks by right-wing extremists on mosques or abortion clinics. We have more than enough examples of real attacks from those people, why would Obama need to fake one? And seriously, how many times have we heard from raging paranoiacs like Daubenmire that the latest mass shooting was a false flag to give Obama cover to seize everyone’s guns? How many times do you get to make that claim without it every coming true before no one any longer believes you?

If you’re a wingnut, the answer is “an infinite number of times.” They’re like a dumb dog that falls for that fake fetch throw every time, for hours on end, day after day.

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