Another Christian Thinks God is Rising Up Trump to Lead

Another Christian Thinks God is Rising Up Trump to Lead December 17, 2015

Trump2Every time I read something like this it just cracks me up. It cracks me up how many Christians think that Donald Trump has been anointed by God to lead the United States. Or even think that Donald Trump is a Christian, which is simply laughable. But Tricia Erickson writes in the Worldnetdaily that Donald Trump is a modern day Nehemiah.

We learn in the Bible that Nehemiah’s life was an example of leadership and organization. He gave up a comfortable and affluent position in Persia to return to the fractured homeland of his ancestors and united the people to reconstruct Jerusalem’s wall. In the face of opposition, he used wise protection measures for the security of the people. Donald Trump is likewise comfortable and affluent, yet has a zeal and desire to protect America by way of building a border wall.

Walls represent protection. If God instructed Nehemiah to erect a wall around Jerusalem, wouldn’t this same measure be the correct action to take to protect our own homeland? If it was biblical then, how is it not both biblical and the right measure to take now? The people of the United States of America desperately need this same protection for our nation…

If God ordained walls to be built for the protection of Jerusalem, how could this same strategy be wrong for America? Do we not have the right to protect our homeland from not only jihad, but also from any foreign enemy that would do us harm? How many times must nations, including our own, be attacked by enemies, Islamic or otherwise, before somebody, anybody, will stand up against terrorism and protect America?

I believe that building the wall of protection is the single most important act that can be accomplished for the protection of our great nation. Every human being that comes in to the United States of America should be thoroughly background checked. Our borders absolutely must be guarded for the protection of the citizens of the United States of America. And when I look into the faces of my innocent grandchildren, I believe that the complete dereliction of the duty to protect them and the American people, at this point, should be a legally actionable offense.

While I believe that Donald Trump is limping along on his “Christian walk,” I remind even Christians that God has used believers and also non-believers to accomplish his will.

Trump, in this case, may be God’s Nehemiah.

So when Trump doesn’t win the presidency, will this prove that God wasn’t powerful enough to make him win? Or will it prove that Erickson was wrong?

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