Cindy Jacobs Plans Another Prayer Event

Cindy Jacobs Plans Another Prayer Event January 5, 2016

CindyJacobsOne of the things that always cracks me up about the Christian right is how many earth-changing prayer events they plan every year. 40 days of prayer and fasting here, a prayer rally there, a million people praying the next time. And they’re always going to “unleash the spirit of God” upon the nation, of course. Cindy Jacobs has a new twist, she’s doing a prayer walk across the country:

In the December issue of her Generals International newsletter, which went out by email this week, Jacobs reveals that a group of Religious Right leaders met recently in Colorado Springs to plan “the best way to prayer walk America from coast to coast” during the election year.

I am happy to announce that it’s a go! We are partnering with the National Day of Prayer and the National Prayer Committee, along with our own Reformation Prayer Network, to make this happen. As far as we know, a prayer walk of this magnitude has never happened before. The plan at the moment is to have 40 days of prayer and fasting, beginning on Easter Sunday and leading up to the National Day of Prayer on May 5. We will also mobilize more prayer before the November elections.

Jacobs also links to a “little preview” of the “2016 Word of the Lord,” which is still being compiled from the annual gathering of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, at which they “prophesied hours and hours.” Says Jacobs, “Our transcript from that meeting is 105 pages, so it’s a big job! Heaven, help us!”

She will undoubtedly keep the prayer walkers fed with her bottomless bowl of spaghetti. And after this is over, absolutely nothing will change. And then they’ll plan the next one. In truth, these are fundraising scams. The whole point is to get people to sign up for their mailing list so they can send them fundraising appeals constantly.

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