Pat Robertson Predicts Fall of Saudi Arabia

Pat Robertson Predicts Fall of Saudi Arabia January 6, 2016

PatRobertsonAt the end of every year, Pat Robertson goes to a mountaintop retreat and communes with God, who gives him predictions for the next year (apparently, you get better reception up there). The fact that his predictions almost never come true unless they’re incredibly obvious should probably make you doubt this latest prophecy, that the Saudi government is going to be overthrown.

Pat Robertson welcomed in the new year by spending some alone time with God and, lo and behold, his prophecies for 2016 are already coming true. As “The 700 Club” host reported today, God told him that war is coming to Saudi Arabia and that the kingdom will fall.

He said that the recent controversy surrounding the Saudi government’s execution of a dissident Shiite cleric, which sparked protests throughout the region, has proved the validity of what God told him.

The televangelist continued by saying that God revealed to him that some entity — possibly Iran, Al Qaeda or ISIS — will launch destructive attacks against Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, leading to a dramatic increase in the price of oil and “the kingdom will be brought down,” ushering in further conflict and disorder. “As sure as we’re alive, the oil fields in Saudi Arabia are going to be set on fire,” Robertson said.

Yeah, one of many diplomatic disputes with Iran is clearly the end of the Saudi regime (insert eyeroll here). And remember, this is the guy who has been told by God in the past that Romney was going to win the 2012 election and many more false predictions. Whenever he gets specific, he’s wrong. If we were going to take Deuteronomy seriously, he’d have been stoned as a false prophet by now.

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