Carson’s Weird Definition of ‘Live and Let Live’

Carson’s Weird Definition of ‘Live and Let Live’ January 11, 2016

Credit: Michael Vadon
Credit: Michael Vadon
Right Wing Watch dug up an interview from a couple months ago that Ben Carson did on a show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network called Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin, in which he talked about gay marriage and struck the entirely fake “I don’t care what anyone does in private” pose. We hear this sort of thing from bigots a lot, the pretense that it’s not really about being anti-gay at all. But first:

Back in November, Ben Carson appeared on “Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin,” to discuss how the U.S. Constitution “was written at an eighth-grade level” so “that the American people could understand it.”

However, Carson said that “the people who claim they are constitutional scholars,” like justices on the Supreme Court, are making a “mess” because, he alleged, they haven’t read the Constitution.

Yes Ben, constitutional scholars don’t understand the Constitution, but you do. This is a guy who thinks any lower court judge who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage should be impeached. Who thinks that “enlightenment era philosophy and Judeo-Christian values” are the same thing. Who thinks that Obamacare is unconstitutional because it doesn’t help every single person in the country. Who thinks it would be constitutional to listen in on any government agencies, including school classrooms, without the knowledge of those who are there. So yeah, Ben, maybe you should leave the con law to those who understand it. You clearly don’t.

The way it works now is they target you and they have all kind of hate speech ridicule, if there’s a way they can bring action against you they will do that, try to ruin your life. Look at all the people who because of their religious convictions and their belief in what the Bible says have lost their livelihood and they’re put in jeopardy over the gay marriage issue, when in fact this is supposed to be a country where you live and let live. I personally don’t have any problem with any two people, regardless of what their feelings are, of living together, of getting a lawyer to create some documents so they can share property and have hospital visitation rights, but to change the definition of marriage, the problem is once you do that for one group, why wouldn’t you have to do that for the next group?

“Everybody gets equal rights, but nobody gets extra rights, extra rights to change everything for everybody else to suit them,” he added.

Pure heterosexual privilege. It’s okay to force gay people to jump through hoops, spend a great deal of money on attorneys to make sure they can secure the same rights that are given automatically to straight couples. Because giving them those same rights automatically would be “extra rights” or “special rights.” An absolutely bizarre conception of “live and let live.”

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