Peterson: Racism Doesn’t Exist, Never Existed

Peterson: Racism Doesn’t Exist, Never Existed January 11, 2016

JesseLeePetersonJesse Lee Peterson, the ultimate Uncle Tom, has a great idea for a New Year’s resolution to eliminate racism: Just pretend it doesn’t exist. Because he claims there is no such thing and has never been any such thing. Yeah, I guess slavery never happened. And the KKK never existed. And blacks weren’t lynched because white people thought they were subhuman. Nah, racism is a myth!

A prominent civil rights leader has an original way to end racism forever in 2016 – by simply admitting it never existed in the first place.

“My hope is that we are able to dispel the idea of racism being real,” said Jesse Lee Peterson. “It is an illusion. Racism does not exist. It has never existed. It’s a lie.”

Peterson, a WND columnist, argues the concept of “racism” artificially divides Americans of different skin colors and provides an excuse not to address the real causes of social problems. As the founder and president of BOND, a nonprofit dedicated to rebuilding black families, Peterson told WND issues need to be confronted on a moral basis, rather than seeing everything as a result of race.

“I believe that if we can get rid of that idea that racism exists, then we start to clean up the mess,” Peterson said. “Unite the races. That’s what I’m hoping for this year. I want to see the races come together as one, as Americans.

Okay, let’s start with calling Peterson, who thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, a “prominent civil rights leader.” If he’s a prominent civil rights leader, I’m a world famous supermodel. And seriously, how the fuck does this guy live with himself? How utterly blind to reality could one human being be?

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