LaBarbera: Beware of ‘Gayria Law’

LaBarbera: Beware of ‘Gayria Law’ January 12, 2016

PlanetWingnuttiaPeter LaBarberta, the unhinged anti-gay bigot who isn’t quite unhinged enough for Theodore Shoebat (in fact, he’s a “traitor” because he won’t support the “slaughter” of all gay people), has a new neologism to scare the little old ladies into sending them their social security checks: “Gayria law.” Which will, of course, be enforced by the “homofascists” in the “Gaystapo.”

After saying that faulting ex-gay organizations for failing to turn all gays straight is like blaming drug rehab clinics for the failure of patients to kick drugs, LaBarbera blamed the shuttering of JONAH on the rise of “gayria law.”

“This effort to squelch dissent is just extraordinary,” he said, “and I think it is really unique to the homosexual movement … I’m calling it gayria law. We talk about sharia law, but I think the bigger danger right now in America is gayria law, it’s this all-encompassing drive, this totalitarian drive to enforce gay power everywhere, and it’s growing.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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