Pale, Male and Stale, Part Deux: The Solution

Pale, Male and Stale, Part Deux: The Solution January 12, 2016

I wrote last week in response to an article saying that the atheist movement has become “pale, male and stale.” I was challenged to go beyond that actually provide a list of women we need to be pushing to the forefront and giving a larger platform, which I’m going to do here. I’ll also be providing a list of names of African-American, Latino and ex-Muslim atheists I think should be given more attention. Feel free to add more names in the comments, as I’m sure I’ll miss a great many.

Heina Dadabhoy
Sikivu Hutchinson
Mandisa Lateefah Thomas
Bridgett Bria Crutchfield
Stephanie Zvan
Chelsea Du Fresne
Lauren Ann Lane
Greta Christina
Elsa Roberts
Kim Rippere
Noelle George

That initial list was put together by Monette Richards, who certainly deserves to be on it as well. Let me add a whole bunch more:

Jamila Bey
Vyckie Garrison
Amy Monsky
Jennifer Beahan
Amanda Metskas
Lyz Liddell
Bridget Gaudette
Monica Miller (both of them, one is an attorney with the AHA, the other a Lehigh professor)
Amanda Knief
Brianne Bilyeu
Heina Dadabhoy
Hiba Krisht
Miri Mogilevsky
Kate Donovan
Zinnia Jones
Robyn Blumner
Sarah Morehead
Michaelyn Eberhart
Rebecca Vitsmun
Candace Gorham
Sarah Hdr
Sue Kocher
Sikivu Hutchinson
Niki Massey
AJ Johnson
Ayanna Watson
Alison Kilkenny
Taslima Nasrin
Maryam Namazie

I’m sure I’m missing a great many. Please feel free to add more names to the list. That takes care of the male part, how about the pale part? Here are some great people of color who deserve a larger platform (there are also lots of them on the list above).

Alix Jules
Steve Hill
Sincere Kirabo
Hemley Gonzales
Leo Igwe
Peter Mosley
Frederick Sparks

Victor Harris, Jr.
Greydon Square
Vic Wang
Muhammad Syed
Ali Rizvi

As I said, I’m sure I’ve missed many, many names. This is really just off the top of my head. Let’s add more names to the list. And if you want to argue that this is not a problem, or that there is no such thing as the atheist community anyway, please do it somewhere else.

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