Robertson: Rock Music Can Summon Demons!

Robertson: Rock Music Can Summon Demons! January 13, 2016

PatRobertsonWhen I was growing up as a Christian in the early 80s, the preachers were continually ranting about the evils of “demonic” rock music. This was the height of the “backward masking” hysteria, when these dumbasses convinced themselves that rock bands were recording secret satanic messages backwards on their albums. Pat Robertson is still stuck in the 80s, it seems:

“It depends on what rock you’re listening to,” he said. “Some of the stuff is just evil. They used to talk about killing your parents and there were just some other things. There were odes to Satan. You don’t want that stuff coming into your mind. There’s some beat that’s out there that, you know, probably isn’t all that bad, although in one Indian context, they were playing rock music and the person said, ‘Why are you calling on the demons?,’ because that was the kind of music they used to summon demons.”

Judas Priest to the white courtesy phone.

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