WND’s ‘Forensic Profiler’ Continues to Say Ridiculous Things

WND’s ‘Forensic Profiler’ Continues to Say Ridiculous Things January 13, 2016

headdeskThe Worldnetdaily, that bastion of serious “journalism,” has yet another article based on the “insights” of Andrew Hodges, a psychiatrist who claims to be able to read Obama’s mind to figure out what he really means by the things he says. The trick? Whatever Obama says, he means the exact opposite. Wow, you’re a fucking genius, Dr. Hodges. Did you think that up all by yourself?

President Obama, despite his promises the U.S. “will not relent in the ISIS campaign” and his assurance that the world would not accept extremists’ attacks, such as that in Paris, actually is saying he is doing nothing of real consequence, “In fact, accepting the ISIS attacks as normal.”

“Indeed, he has constructed a new normal by failing to protect America, a stance which he has totally rationalized. In fact, he remains totally submissive to ISIS.”

The new comments come from Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice, in an email conversation with WND…

He explains that Obama is confessing to enabling ISIS.

“America’s current president is leading us ever so certainly into a worsening crisis that will encourage future attacks by ISIS. In order to learn why, we must appreciate two basic subconscious mechanisms – denial and projection – and Barack Obama’s own unconscious mind will take us to the heart of who he is and reveal his deepest motivations regarding the Islamic State.”…

“Obama’s basic denial – ‘ISIS is not dangerous’ – means he can’t consciously grasp the threat. First, his subconscious admits it has a powerful blind spot about ISIS and must block out its destructiveness. Second, another part of his unconscious – the brilliant super intelligence – teaches us to read through denial to see past that blind spot. This super-intel selects the key images Obama uses in his denials, key images which reveal the truth. Don’t overlook Obama’s image, the big idea he must deny in his own words – ‘ISIS is dangerous.’”

He notes that Obama, before the Paris attacks on November 13, said, “ISIS is contained.” And he said, “I don’t think they’re gaining strength.”

“Read past the denial. Unconsciously he’s aware ISIS’ strength is growing as they certainly demonstrated with one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Europe’s history.”

After the attack, Obama said, “If there’s a good idea out there, then we’re going to do it I don’t think I’ve shown a hesitation to act.”

Actually, Hodges writes, Obama is declaring, “I am hesitant to act.”

I think he’s on to something. In fact, I’m going to use Hodges’ technique to analyze Hodges. And clearly, when he says he can tell that Obama means the opposite, it’s actually an admission that he can’t do so. See how easy that was? Now if I could just find a “news” outlet full of absolute fucking morons to publish this…

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