Cindy Jacobs Can Change the Weather!

Cindy Jacobs Can Change the Weather! January 15, 2016

CindyJacobsOur old friend Cindy Jacobs is at it again. She of the bottomless spaghetti bowl also can command the weather and send the rain clouds away so they can do a videotaping for the 700 Club. It may take a half an hour to do it, but she’s just sure it was her praying that made the rain go away. Because obviously, clouds don’t move with the winds or anything. Hemant has the story:

… [A friend] came to me and said, “Cindy, do something!” This is what my friends do to me! “Do something!” And what he meant was “Command the clouds to go away!”

I said, “No problem.” I read that in the book, right? I have authority over the weather, right?…

So I did, I just put my hands up… I lifted my hands and I said these simple words: “In the name of Jesus, I command this cloud layer to dissipate.”

Now doesn’t that seem weird?

You know what happened? Within a half an hour, NO MORE CLOUDS! Amen? And they got the shoot.

Wow, that never happens! It can’t stop raining and clouds move out in just a half an hour! That’s unpossible! But Cindy Jacobs is magic, people. Pure magic. Of course, as Hemant points out, one does have to wonder why she doesn’t use this awesome power over things that actually matter, like maybe stopping a hurricane from killing dozens of people and causing billions of dollars in damage. That seems a tiny bit more important than using one’s magic powers so the 700 Club doesn’t have to wait a little while to do a video shoot, doesn’t it?

It’s the same thing I wonder about faith healers. If you really had the ability to heal, wouldn’t you go from hospital to hospital all day long? Oh wait…you can’t charge admission that way. You can’t take up a “love offering” if you do that. Gee, maybe that’s why these “faith healers” don’t use their powers for such a good purpose. How surprising.

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