Cass: Only Christian Men are Qualified for Public Office

Cass: Only Christian Men are Qualified for Public Office January 21, 2016

ChristianFlagGary Cass, founder of the absurdly named Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, has recorded a video explaining to his followers how they should vote in any election. And the most important things, he says, are that a candidate for public office be a Christian man. Non-Christians and women need not apply.

“What should be look for in our elected officials?” Cass asked, rhetorically. “The first qualification is they must be a Christian … What a candidate professes about God is absolutely critical, it will profoundly shape his leadership. Genuine reverence for the Lord is the foundation of knowledge … so we need a leader who is alive spiritually and who will lead in the fear of God.”

And those leaders, Cass explained, must be men.

“The biblical biological requirement for office is you must be male,” he stated. “Civil leadership should be conceived of as an extension of the family and God’s created order. God established man as the head of the woman and the woman as his helpmate … In society, the same roles apply as is ordained in the family and in the church.”

I hate the smell of religious misogyny in the morning.

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