Harvey on Abortion and Noah’s Ark

Harvey on Abortion and Noah’s Ark January 21, 2016

I am always amused when Christians invoke the utterly ridiculous Noah’s Ark story from the Bible as if it were a real thing. Extreme anti-gay bigot Linda Harvey’s latest Worldnetdaily column, which is about abortion instead of The Gay, makes the argument that the “march for life” really began way back at Noah’s Ark when Noah obeyed God and was spared.

When we observe the grim anniversary this week of Roe v. Wade, and the 58 million deaths that followed, let’s never forget that rebirth and resurrection can follow horrific mistakes and tragedy.

Noah obeyed God, gathered his family and entered the ark. Then what?

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. But his obedience marked the renewal of life on earth.

Obeying our Creator restores life, even if preceded by our sin and His wrath…

A visit to the Ark Encounter may draw one closer to the Lord as a believer reconnects with the Genesis narrative in Scripture. The need for this firm foundation intensifies every day.

In a video at the Ark website, Ken Ham, president of AIG and the Ark Encounter, comments that while the cross is our greatest reminder of salvation, he believes Noah’s ark is salvation’s next most powerful symbol.

God saved a tiny remnant in the midst of a devastating judgment on a deeply depraved world, and right up to the closing of the door, unbelievers hurled insults, mocking and scoffing Noah and his obedience. And then the end came, with no escape for the wicked.

Except, of course, none of this ever happened. Sure, there may have been some regional flood that devastated a pre-Israel tribe in the Ancient Near East that spawned the story that was then adapted and rewritten for centuries, but the notion that there was ever a global flood that killed nearly all life on earth other than Noah’s family and the animals they brought with them on the ark is so overwhelmingly absurd as to be undeniable. No educated person could believe it without short-cutting their ability to reason by invoking faith.

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