Muslim Group Donates 30,000 Bottles of Water in Flint

Muslim Group Donates 30,000 Bottles of Water in Flint January 21, 2016

Showing just how devious and cunning those Muslims can be, a Muslim group in Dearborn, Michigan has donated 30,000 bottles of water to the people of Flint, where the state-appointed emergency manager managed to poison thousands of people by switching the water supply to one with a high lead content in order to save a few million dollars.

A Muslim organization called “Who is Hussain?” donated 30,000 bottles of water to the Red Cross in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday to help alleviate the water contamination crisis that has gripped the city for months. The donation drive came on the heels of President Obama’s declaration of the situation as a federal state of emergency.

Who is Hussain? collected the water after a local campaign collected donations of cases of water bottles and online donations netted funds to purchase additional water…

Dr. Aziza Askari, representative for the Michigan chapter of the Who is Hussain?, said, “We saw what needed to be done and we decided to do it. We reached out to schools, neighbors, friends, mosques, anyone and everyone to help us by donating a case of water, or money towards a case.”…

“Prophet Mohammed taught us ‘Your neighbor comes before your own household.’ As a resident of Detroit this is not only a Flint problem this is a Michigan problem and I feel obligated to help to the best of my ability.” said Mohammed Almawla, a local filmmaker and volunteer for the organization.

Flint residents: Don’t drink the Muslim water! It’s full of taqiyya and you’ll catch the Sharia if you drink it!

Sorry, I was channeling Pam Geller for a minute there.

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