Trump: Sanders is ‘Probably a Communist’

Trump: Sanders is ‘Probably a Communist’ January 28, 2016

Donald Trump never misses an opportunity to say something entirely simpleminded and inane, so it’s no surprise that he’s leveling an attack on Bernie Sanders that is straight out of Idiot’s Guide to Politics for Dummies. He says Sanders is “probably a communist” who would “destroy the fabric of what we are.”

Trump Point

Trump told Savage that he “would be very happy” if Sanders won the Democratic nomination, saying that the Vermont senator is “probably a communist” who will “destroy the fabric of what we are.”

“I just can’t believe that this country is ready for socialism or communism, because it’s pretty close to communism, some of the things he wants to do,” Trump added.

Savage, in turn, said he is praying for a Sanders nomination because “it’d be the greatest landslide in history,” predicting that Trump would take 85 percent of the vote.

Oh, how beautiful the sun must be in the fantasy land these people live in. And I propose a rule: Anyone talking about anything destroying “the fabric” of society should be laughed at, loudly and often. It’s a gibberish phrase.

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