Shoebat: Gays Rape and Murder Boys at Southern Decadence

Shoebat: Gays Rape and Murder Boys at Southern Decadence January 29, 2016

Southern Decadence is an annual rave for gay people held in New Orleans, so naturally deranged Christian fascist Ted Shoebat wants them all killed. And he’s justifying it by making up out of thin air the accusation that they regularly kidnap young boys and rape and kill them during the event.


As Shoebat explained, a fellow anti-gay activist “went out to preach against the sodomites in New Orleans” and was told by locals “about how the sodomites in the French Quarter go out and hunt for little boys, they steal little boys and then bring them to the gay bars and they rape them and they murder them in the bars.”

Shoebat says that he asked for evidence of this but was told by his friend that this was simply what he had heard from the locals, so Shoebat did his own investigation and claimed to have discovered that there are thousands of reports of young boys being routinely raped by gay men while the police in New Orleans simply look the other way.

None of this came as a surprise to Bieszad, who declared that New Orleans “really is an American Sodom and I don’t think it’s an accident that Hurricane Katrina hit there back in 2005.”

I don’t suppose you have any, ya know, evidence of this, do you Teddy? One would think that the parents of all these missing boys might come forward and mention it, wouldn’t you?

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