Cruz Still Lying About Obamacare

Cruz Still Lying About Obamacare February 1, 2016

During the 7th Republican presidential debate on Thursday, Ted Cruz repeated a line he has used again and again on the campaign trail, claiming that the Affordable Care Act has destroyed “millions” of jobs. It’s a claim that has been debunked again and again and Politifact calls it a pants-on-fire lie.


“First of all, we have seen now in six years of Obamacare that it has been a disaster,” Cruz said. “It is the biggest job-killer in this country. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part-time work, have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors, have seen their premiums skyrocket.”…

The government’s labor surveys give us a pretty good window into the number of people working in any given month. They also count the number of people who are working part-time but would rather have full-time work. We looked at those tallies at several points in the life of Obamacare: When it passed, when its earliest changes took effect, when people first got insured under the law, and today.

The numbers run against Cruz’s statement.

Not only has the number of jobs gone up, but the number of unwilling part-timers has gone down.

All of the job numbers have moved in a positive direction since April 2010, the first full month after President Barack Obama signed the bill into law. The unemployment rate has moved steadily from 9.9 percent to 5 percent. The economy has added about 10.7 million jobs. And the number of working people who have part-time work but would rather have full-time work has fallen by nearly 3 million. There was a brief rise in that number between April and September 2010, but the longer term trend is clearly one of decline…

Many of these numbers, especially the well-reported unemployment rate, are readily available and independent economic studies uncovered no sign that job growth has suffered at all under the new health care law.

Cruz turned familiar data upside down. We rate this claim Pants on Fire.

But he won’t stop telling that lie because it doesn’t hurt him, it helps him. His target audience doesn’t know it’s a lie and I doubt they would care if they did. It fits the narrative in their heads, so it must be true.

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