Could Sarah Palin Be Any More Gullible?

Could Sarah Palin Be Any More Gullible? February 3, 2016

Sarah Palin is lashing out at forced birth groups who aren’t taking seriously Donald Trump’s alleged conversion from being pro-choice all his life. She actually believes that he means it, or at least has to pretend to believe it while she’s attached herself to him for publicity purposes.


In an oft-cited 1999 interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump remarked that he was “very pro-choice,” a stance that he has since disavowed. Palin ripped those condemning Trump for his past support of abortion rights.

“What has been kind of sad about the situation, though, politically speaking, are groups that are pro-life and want to, they say they want to bring more people into the fold. They [are] giving Trump a hard time for his past views on abortion,” Palin explained…

The Susan B. Anthony List fired back at Palin after her remarks.

“She should know that the conversion is good news but the critical question is are you ready to advance, defend and answer questions on the issue. If not, then you’re not ready for prime time. She of all people should understand that,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the organization, in a statement.

“Trump cannot handle the most basic of questions, begging off and claiming everyone knows the answer,” the statement said. “Palin and Trump should know what happens when you are ill prepared. You will be squashed and the cause you purport to support will suffer for it.”

I don’t often agree with anyone from the Susan B. Anthony List, but they are right on this one. Who would possibly take seriously Trump’s sudden conversion to being anti-choice? It’s as believable as Romney’s. Here’s a good rule of thumb: Any politician who claims to have had their mind changed on an issue when that conversion just happens to be politically convenient for them is very likely lying. That goes for Trump and Romney on abortion. It also goes for Obama and Clinton on gay marriage, whose conversion stories were impossible to believe in 2012 (they just happened to coincide with a shift in public opinion — what a coinkydink!).

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