Joyner: If Carolina Wins Super Bowl, We’ll Have Third Great Awakening

Joyner: If Carolina Wins Super Bowl, We’ll Have Third Great Awakening February 3, 2016

Self-declared prophet and wingnut Rick Joyner, whose church is near Charlotte, North Carolina, says that if the Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl this weekend it will be a sign from God that America is about to experience a third “great awakening.” Because someone he knows had a dream about black panthers and lumber.


As Joyner recalled, Jones called him out of the blue in the late 1980s to tell him that he had received a prophetic message from God that “the black panthers are coming the Charlotte [and] they’re coming to the lumber yard.” Neither Jones nor Joyner knew what that meant until several years later when the NFL announced the creation of an expansion team in Charlotte to be called the Carolina Panthers, who, Joyner claims, built their stadium on the site of an old lumber yard.

“So we knew there was a prophetic destiny to this team,” Joyner explained, stating that “many of the ups and downs that this team would go through … were an incredibly accurate parallel” of the struggles of Joyner and his fellow Christians.

“Listen, I’m doing this program before the Super Bowl,” Joyner said. “They haven’t won it yet. But if they do, to me, it is a very definite marker of something remarkable breaking out … If the Panthers win this year, we know it’s all hands on deck and we are going to see the outbreak of, I believe, the Third Great Awakening in America.”

Wow. Such compelling “evidence.”

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