Rubio Defends No Rape Exception for Abortion Ban

Rubio Defends No Rape Exception for Abortion Ban February 8, 2016

Marco Rubio went on a Sunday morning talk show and defended his position that a woman should not be allowed to get an abortion even if she’s raped. He’d tell her how sad he is for her tragic situation, but she’s just an incubator now and must be forced to give birth to her rapist’s child and then maybe even split custody with the rapist.


“I do require an exception for life of the mother because I’m pro-life,” he continued. “Number two, as I’ve said, if they pass a law in Congress that has exceptions, I’ll sign it. Because I want to save lives.”

“What do you say to that mom when you look her in the eye?” the ABC host wondered.

“It’s a terrible situation,” Rubio replied. “I mean, a crisis pregnancy, especially as a result of something as horrifying as that, I’m not telling you it’s easy. I’m not here saying it’s an easy choice. It’s a horrifying thing that you’ve just described.”

“I get it,” he added. “I really do. And that’s why this issue is so difficult. But I believe a human being, an unborn child has a right to live, irrespective of the circumstances of which they were conceived. And I know that the majority of Americans don’t agree with me on that.”

Gosh, your concern sounds so sincere. And how easy it must be for a man to impose such a thing on a woman who has been raped. You don’t have to worry about it, so why should she, right? Jesus.

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