Bryan Fischer and the Water Canopy

Bryan Fischer and the Water Canopy February 13, 2016

One of the more ridiculous young earth creationist “theories” is the one that claims that all the water from the flood came from a “vapor canopy” that surrounded the earth prior to the flood, which then fell to earth. How dumb is this claim? Dumb enough that Bryan Fischer believes in it.


Echoing his theory that dinosaurs were really just 1,000-year-old lizards that existed prior to Noah’s flood, Fischer explained that prior to the flood, there existed a “vapor canopy that surrounded the earth, this vapor canopy protected the surface of the earth and the people who lived on the surface of the earth from some of the harmful radiation that came from the sun and other sources.”

During the flood, Fischer said, that vapor canopy “condensed and fell as rain” and “that protective shield dissipated and so now there were some genetic impacts, impacts on DNA from this radiation coming in with no protection” and “that began to impact the longevity of people.”

Yeah, except there’s this big problem with pressure. If a vapor canopy large enough to cause the flood surrounded the earth, it would increase the pressure at the surface so that it was about equal to the pressure at 9 km under the ocean. I’m sure God just miracled it away though, as he always seems to do when you need an excuse to get out of basic math.

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