Forced Birther: Obama Appointment = Totalitarianism!

Forced Birther: Obama Appointment = Totalitarianism! February 17, 2016

Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue who wants abortion doctors put to death, says that Justice Scalia might have been murdered and that the Senate Republicans cannot allow Obama to name his replacement because “we are just one Obama appointee away from a totalitarian government.”


Scalia’s death has posed an opportunity for Pres. Barack Obama to appoint a replacement for Scalia in this critical election year that would dramatically reshape the Court in a way that would continue protect abortion while threatening precious American freedoms.

Operation Rescue is urging the Senate to allow the next president to make that appointment.

“With the passing of the esteemed Justice Scalia, America stands at a crossroads. Will she choose the path of fascism or freedom? We are just one Obama appointee away from a totalitarian government. Two years ago, the GOP promised the American people that, if elected, they would thwart Obama’s radical leftist agenda. This is the GOP’s moment. Will it shine as a light for liberty in this dark moment or will that light be extinguished by political appeasement?” asked Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Now, disturbing conflicting reports have surfaced concerning Justice Scalia’s sudden and unexpected death with no autopsy planned.

Operation Rescue calls for a full inquiry into Scalia’s death and respectfully requests that an autopsy be performed in order to put to rest unanswered questions regarding his passing.

Totalitarianism…you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. A guy who supports legislation to force women to have medical equipment forced inside of them and wants to ban many popular forms of birth control really shouldn’t be talking about totalitarianism.

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