Rand Paul’s Staggeringly Dumb Argument on Replacing Scalia

Rand Paul’s Staggeringly Dumb Argument on Replacing Scalia February 17, 2016

Rand Paul may be out of the Republican presidential race but he still has some monumentally idiotic ideas to spout. He says he will oppose anyone that Obama nominates to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court, and his reasoning is breathtakingly stupid: Because Obama has a “conflict of interest.”


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday weighed in on the Senate’s upcoming battle with President Obama over the next Supreme Court nominee, saying he believes Obama “has a conflict of interest” in appointing somebody to fill the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat.

Appearing on conservative Kentucky radio host Leland Conway’s show, the former Republican presidential candidate said he would likely oppose any Obama pick for the Supreme Court, because he believes Obama has too many of his own policies at stake before the high court — his executive actions on immigration and climate change regulations, for example.

“The president has said he has the power basically to create immigration law out of nothing,” Paul said. “He says he has the power to basically cripple entire industries like coal without ever having been given that power by Congress. So see, we have a Constitutional debate on whose powers is it, the president or Congress? And I think the president sort of has a conflict of interest here in appointing somebody while we’re trying to decide whether or not he’s usurped power.”

Mind-blowing. Hey Rand, wouldn’t the Senate also have a conflict of interest then? After all, the Supreme Court is also going to be ruling on legislation that you passed. The Supreme Court is always going to be hearing cases that involve executive and legislative actions. By your inane reasoning, no president could ever nominate anyone and no Senate could ever confirm them without a “conflict of interest.”

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