Bigoted Wingnut: Rubio Supports Terrorists!

Bigoted Wingnut: Rubio Supports Terrorists! February 27, 2016

A few days ago, Marco Rubio said that he thought it was wrong for a gun range in Oklahoma to refuse to allow an Army reservist to use their facility because he’s Muslims. So Jan Morgan, the bigoted dingbat who banned Muslims from her own gun range in Florida, says Rubio will soon be endorsed by Hamas and ISIS.


Morgan, who has also infamously banned Muslims from her gun range, told Fischer that “Marco Rubio sounds like a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood front organization CAIR.”

“Marco Rubio has made a grave mistake,” she declared, “which is why Donald Trump is slaughtering him in his own home state of Florida … If Marco Rubio thinks that training and putting guns in the hands of people who align themselves with a theocracy that commands them to kill innocent people, if that’s his definition of immoral, then he needs to be running on another ticket and I expect, any day now, to hear him announcing endorsements from the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hamas and ISIS.”

I really have to stop asking questions like “can they possibly get any dumber.” They’re taking it as a challenge.

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