Another Republican Thinks Rape Doesn’t Lead to Pregnancy

Another Republican Thinks Rape Doesn’t Lead to Pregnancy February 29, 2016

Man, you’d think after Todd Akin Republicans would have learned their lesson and stopped saying stupid things about rape. You’d be wrong. A Republican legislator in Idaho is again claiming that rape and incest don’t lead to pregnancy because the trauma of those things makes it impossible.


During the hearing Rep. Pete Nielsen, R-Mountain Home, said, “Now, I’m of the understanding that in many cases of rape it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the incident. That may be true with incest a little bit.”

His comment was directed to Angela Dwyer of Stanton Healthcare, a crisis pregnancy center, who was testifying in support of the bill. Dwyer told Nielsen that her center had treated two young rape victims and that one chose to keep her baby while the other offered her baby for adoption.

Nielsen stood by his remarks after the hearing, saying pregnancy “doesn’t happen as often as it does with consensual sex, because of the trauma involved.”

Asked how he knew that, he said, “That’s information that I’ve had through the years. Whether it’s totally accurate or not, I don’t know.”

He added, “I read a lot of information. I have read it several times. … Being a father of five girls, I’ve explored this a lot.”

Translation: “I heard it somewhere. And because I don’t give a damn about the truth, I’m repeating it without bothering to find out whether the evidence supports it or not. It fits what I want to be true, so it must be true.”

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