Jones and Schlafly: Trump Smells Like Reagan

Jones and Schlafly: Trump Smells Like Reagan March 7, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly, the grand old ignorant hypocrite of the conservative movement, went on the Alex Jones show and the two of them had a mutual love session for Donald Trump. They rather bizarrely claimed that he “smelled like” Ronald Reagan, a man with whom he has almost nothing in common.


In an interview earlier this week with Alex Jones of InfoWars, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly lavished praise on GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Does he smell like Reagan to you?” Jones asked.

“Yes he does,” Schlafly said. “He’s just a guy who is not intimidated by the establishment and we like that. I like him especially because he made immigration the top issue, and nobody else wanted to talk about it except Ann Coulter.”

Wait, Trump smells like Brylcreem and Old Spice? It’s especially amusing that Schlafly would specifically mention immigration while comparing Trump to Reagan because Reagan was a clear advocate of amnesty for those who came here illegally and pushed for the passage of a law that granted that amnesty to millions of people. But as always, the real Ronald Reagan bears no resemblance at all to St. Ronald the Magnificent, an empty canvas on which they paint all their hopes, dreams and beliefs.

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