Bakker: WWIII Could Start This Month, so Buy My Food!

Bakker: WWIII Could Start This Month, so Buy My Food! March 11, 2016

Certified Christian con man Jim Bakker is cranking up the demagoguery. After all, if you’re making your money selling buckets of survival food to people, you need them to be terrified at all times. So he’s telling his credulous followers that World War III could start this month.


Last week on “The Jim Bakker Show,” televangelist Jim Bakker said that World War III is imminent — so imminent that “the Third World War could begin this month.”

And that is why, according to Bakker, you should immediately start buying his ministry’s buckets of survival food.

“We don’t know when all these things will happen, but I’ll tell you what, if that is the third one and it does begin this month, there won’t be any food left in the warehouses to ship out because one event and everybody goes and orders,” he said.

And if the end of the world doesn’t come, he’ll be back next month with a great deal on a timeshare plan at his new Christian theme park and resort.

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