Wiles, Pratt and Stockman: The Holy Trinity of Paranoia

Wiles, Pratt and Stockman: The Holy Trinity of Paranoia March 29, 2016

Activists who advocate for getting rid of the influence of money in our political system are planning a series of sit-ins in Washington, DC in April. Naturally, raving paranoiacs like Rick Wiles, Larry Pratt and Steve Stockman think this is an attempt to “enslave an entire nation.”


Wiles asked Pratt and Stockman about the planned Democracy Spring events in April, when activists intend to use civil disobedience to demand that lawmakers “take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in our politics and ensure free and fair elections.”

Stockman said that Democracy Spring is actually about introducing socialism to America. “I think it’s a threat to our national security and I think it’s a threat to our nation’s survival,” he said. Pratt agreed that Democracy Spring is a socialist movement to “take over” the country, insisting that members of the media “don’t want to talk about plans to overthrow a government, they don’t want to talk about plans to enslave an entire nation and yet it happens before our very eyes.”

Oh no! It’s happening before our very eyes! Quick, go order some of Jim Bakker’s buckets of shitty survival food!

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