‘Coach’ Dave: Punish Women for Abortions

‘Coach’ Dave: Punish Women for Abortions April 1, 2016

The three Republican candidates for president may be running like hell from any suggestion that a woman who has an abortion should be punished, but that’s exactly what most anti-choice activists want. People like “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who says of course the mother should be punished.


“Donald Trump said a woman, if she kills her baby, ought to pay a price,” Daubenmire said. “If the dad takes a gun and shoots the unborn child, don’t they charge him with murder? [Ted] Cruz and [John] Kasich, they just want to charge the doctor. Well, the woman is the one most responsible! She’s the one hiring the doctor to kill the baby! Friends, when we have laws without punishment, our laws are merely suggestions. Of course a woman should be punished when killing her baby! Of course she should. Donald Trump is the most pro-life candidate of them all.”

Yeah, except he backtracked so fast he fell on his ass.

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