Wingnut: Sex Ed is a Plot to Sell STD Tests and Abortions!

Wingnut: Sex Ed is a Plot to Sell STD Tests and Abortions! April 2, 2016

Sharon Slater is the head of a group called Family Watch International. Like virtually every organization with the word “family” in it, it’s really a bunch of anti-sex Christian puritans. On a Catholic radio show, she said that sex education is a plot by Planned Parenthood to turn your kids into sexual deviants so they can make more money on STD tests and abortions.


“What this means,” she said, “is that a business that makes money off of sexualizing children — because if they can sexualize children through the school system through their programs, they can provide them with sexual counseling, condoms, abortions, contraception, STD treatment, HIV treatment, etc., etc. — they’re making lots of money off of sexualizing children. So, they’re getting it into the classroom all across the United States and in countries all around the world.”…

“What most people don’t understand,” Slater said later in the interview, “is that there is an intentional, targeted effort to get to your children and change the way they think about sexuality, to encourage them to engage in sexual activity, whether it be heterosexual or homosexual or self-stimulation, because if they can recruit children into this worldview and this sexual ideology, then they’ll have the future, if they can train up the next generation in all these radical ideas. And that’s what they’re after. In fact, even Hitler said, ‘He who owns the minds of the children owns the future.’”

And yet the rate of teen pregnancy, STDs and abortions are all far lower — we’re talking huge margins — in countries that have comprehensive sex education and those things are all higher in places where they teach abstinence-only sex ed. Facts are stubborn things. The Netherlands, which not only has comprehensive sex ed but has free and anonymous birth control and STD testing, the rate of teen pregnancy and abortions is 1/7th what it is in the United States. So much for that theory.

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