Hughes: Liberals ‘Trap’ Trump With Questions About Abortion

Hughes: Liberals ‘Trap’ Trump With Questions About Abortion April 4, 2016

Scottie Nell Hughes is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and she clearly shares his penchant for mind-numbingly stupid excuses for the equally mind-numblingly stupid things he so often says. She blames his recent trouble taking a coherent position on abortion on liberals for “trapping” him with gotcha questions:


Donald Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes said on CNN earlier tonight that Donald Trump fell into yet another liberal media “trap” on the subject of abortion.

Hughes told Wolf Blitzer Trump had only clarified his position on a “punishment” for women who get abortions, but Blitzer said, “No, it was a real reversal.”

Hughes said, “The one thing we have learned is that the liberal mainstream media that have been anti-Republican and anti-conservatives for so long use the issue of the pro-life/pro-choice abortion issue to trap Republicans, because there’s usually no way to win.”

Yes, they get “trapped” into saying things like “the body shuts down if it’s a legitimate rape” and “women should be punished for having an abortion. The mere act of asking them for their position on abortion makes them incapable of giving a coherent answer. It’s so unfair!

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