LePage Stomps His Feet and Holds His Breath

LePage Stomps His Feet and Holds His Breath April 4, 2016

There seems to be no limit to how childish Republicans can be these days, especially those of the Tea Party variety. Gov. Paul LePage of Maine — how on earth that guy got elected and reelected in that state is just baffling to me — throws a tantrum when the legislature votes down one of his nominees:


Maine Gov. Paul LePage is so angry at Democrats for rejecting one of his nominees that he canceled the swearing-in ceremony for a newly elected senator.

The Republican governor on Friday refused to sign a proclamation certifying the result of Tuesday’s special election.

The election was won by Democrat Susan Deschambault, of Biddeford. She arrived at the Maine Statehouse in Augusta on Friday for a scheduled ceremony at LePage’s office. But she was told it had been canceled.

LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett says the governor canceled the event in response to a party-line vote Thursday in the Legislature’s labor committee, which turned down LePage’s pick for the unemployment insurance commission. Bennett said Democrats treated the nominee, Steven Webster, ‘‘despicably.’’

Then he threw his binky at the Democrats and declared them all to be poopyheads.

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