Shocker: Fischer Thinks Women Should Not Be Punished for Abortion

Shocker: Fischer Thinks Women Should Not Be Punished for Abortion April 4, 2016

This surprises me. As the controversy over Trump’s comments on abortion continues to grow, Bryan Fischer is taking the position that once abortion is outlawed, women who have abortions should not be punished. Of course, he does so for the incredibly patronizing and condescending reason that women just don’t know any better.


Fischer hopes that once abortion is completely outlawed and we “get the culture to the place where everybody understands that it’s a baby,” then the government could begin to impose legal penalties upon women who have abortions. But as it stands now, Fischer declared, women simply “do not realize how morally culpable they are” when they have an abortion and so they should not be punished.

“They didn’t know better,” Fischer said. “Nobody told them, nobody tried to talk them out of it, nobody explained the humanity of the baby in the womb, so they did not know what they were doing.”

“I realize from a purist standpoint, there should be legal culpability for a woman,” he later admitted. “Maybe some day we can get to that place where that would be accepted and we would actually be able to enact legislation like that.”

Those poor women just don’t understand in their little lady brains, eh Bryan?

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