WND Writer: No Really, Women Love Trump!

WND Writer: No Really, Women Love Trump! April 4, 2016

Curtis Ellis is one of the Worldnetdaily’s regular columnists, which means he can almost always be counted upon to be completely disconnected from reality and to make really, really bad arguments. In his latest column, he assures readers that women really do like Donald Trump and agree with him.


The conventional wisdom, which is neither conventional nor wise, tells us that Donald Trump cannot win in November.

The culprit (or savior, depending on which side you’re on) is always one demographic group or another.

First we were told he’d be stopped by immigration-loving Hispanic-Americans. Then it was Black Lives Matter African-Americans who would thwart him. Now we’re told it’s all about the Real Women of America – there’s just no way he can reach them.

But a survey conducted by Americans for Limited Government puts paid to that notion.

The survey shows women find the issues at the center of Donald Trump’s campaign – jobs, trade and immigration – more important than the “campus issues” of abortion and gay sex. In many cases women are even more concerned about economic issues than men are…

Like men, women see immigration as an economic issue. Three out of four of the white blue-collar women (75 percent) said, “Our immigration policies are being written by the same corporate elite that want cheap labor anywhere they can find it. They send our jobs and factories overseas and at the same time want to bring in lower-paid immigrant labor.” That number is virtually the same among blue-collar men.

Time and again, economic issues trumped the feminist and gay agenda items championed by progressive demagogues…

Trump’s economic nationalism message – American Jobs Matter – threatens no particular group. But it appeals to all, and in that way it threatens that trademark of the left, exemplified most recently by Black Lives Matter, identity politics.

How about we ask actual women if they support Donald Trump on these or any other issues.

Overall, 73% of female voters in a mid-March CNN/ORC poll said they had a negative view of Trump, just 26% view him positively. That unfavorable number is up 14 points in the last few months: from 59% in December and 67% in late February. Even Republican women, who mostly have favorable views of Trump, are more likely to report unfavorable opinions now than they were a few months ago, 39% unfavorable in March vs. 29% in December. Among men, however, there has been no such shift, with 54% holding an unfavorable view in December, 52% in February and 57% now.

So much for that theory.

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