Gaffney: Ted Cruz Will Save Us From Sharia Law!

Gaffney: Ted Cruz Will Save Us From Sharia Law! April 8, 2016

Frank Gaffney, the raging Islamophobic bigot who is one of Ted Cruz’ main advisers, told Breitbart News’ radio show that we must elect Cruz in order to save us from the imposition of Sharia law in the United States. Because that’s a totally plausible thing that might happen, amirite?


Gaffney said that the GOP presidential candidate wants to make sure that no neighborhood becomes “dominated by folks who are engaged in a practice that is anti-constitutional and hostile to the values of our country, specifically those who are seeking to impose a program they call Sharia.”

He went on to say that Sharia law is “manifesting itself” in “parts of the United States,” although he didn’t say which U.S. localities he believes have fallen to Islamic rule.

Cruz himself has warned that the imposition of “Sharia law is an enormous problem” in the U.S. and called on the federal government to “empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”

I’m still waiting for someone to provide some plausible pathway whereby Sharia law could be imposed in this country. The idea is absolutely ludicrous. That’s why Gaffney and his colleagues have to tell blatant lies, like that ridiculous “study” they did a couple years ago claiming that American courts are now imposing Sharia law. Every single case they cited showed the exact opposite. In every single case, most of them either custody or business law cases, one side wanted the court to decide the matter under Islamic law, and in every single case the court refused to do so. To dishonest bigots like Gaffney, that proves that the courts are imposing Sharia law. And up is down. And black is white.

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