Beck: I’ve Never Heard Ted Cruz Tell a Lie

Beck: I’ve Never Heard Ted Cruz Tell a Lie April 15, 2016

Glenn Beck is a case study in obliviousness. Just as he once said that he didn’t know anyone who was anti-gay while routinely hosting some of the worst bigots in the country, he now says that he has never heard Ted Cruz tell a lie. Because if you pretend not to acknowledge a lie, it isn’t really a lie.


On his television show last Thursday, Glenn Beck spoke with a woman in his studio audience who was frustrated that she has been unable to convince her friends to support Ted Cruz for president and was seeking advice from Beck on how best to respond to their claims that all politicians are liars who cannot be trusted.

Beck, who is close personal friends with Cruz, assured her that unlike all other politicians, Cruz never lies.

“I have never seen Ted Cruz lie. Never,” Beck told her. “I’ve not seen the man lie; not personally or professionally have I seen him be anything but 100 percent straight up.”

Of course, he just lied a couple days ago when he claimed that he had no idea that Kevin Swanson wanted to put gay people to death and that he repudiated that position as soon as he found out (in fact, he was asked directly about it on national television several days before appearing on stage with him and he never, ever condemned him). But just look at his record on Politifact. Out of 105 statements rated, only six were rated as true, while seven were rated as pants on fire lies and 62 were rated as false or mostly false. Cruz lies constantly.

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