Fischer: Adams and Springsteen are Bigots for Opposing Anti-Gay Laws

Fischer: Adams and Springsteen are Bigots for Opposing Anti-Gay Laws April 15, 2016

Bryan Fischer is like Old Faithful, he can be counted on to spray stupidity into the air at very regular intervals (pretty much every time he opens his mouth, in fact). His latest bit of dumbassery is to claim that Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen are racist and sexist for opposing anti-gay laws in Mississippi and North Carolina.


So on the grounds of personal principle, Bruce Springsteen is now officially a general in the war on women, and Bryan Adams is now the leading bigot in the South.

The Mississippi law that has Adams all wigged out protects the conscience and liberty rights of blacks (and whites) who serve as pastors, county clerks, heads of non-profits and adoption agencies, and who operate businesses as wedding vendors. Their right to freely exercise their religious convictions is what HB 1523 is all about.

Because this law protects the rights of blacks as well as whites, there are some striking implications for blacks in Mississippi, which is still regarded by many as a haven of racist bigotry.

Black pastors won’t be forced to perform same sex wedding ceremonies against their conscience just because a white man in government says they have to. Black churches won’t be forced to rent their houses of worship for same sex wedding ceremonies. Black county clerks won’t be forced to issue same sex wedding licenses that violate their conscience just because a white boss says she has to.

No pastor was ever going to be forced to perform same-sex weddings and no church was ever going to be forced to rent out for same-sex weddings, just like no church has ever been forced to perform an interracial or interreligious wedding. That is pure demagoguery by professional liars like Fischer. But yes, county clerks will have to issue same-sex wedding licenses because they are government officials and the government cannot, under the Constitution, treat people unequally under the law. That isn’t racism, you fucking moron, it’s equality.

But Adams is having none of it. He is evidently happy to drag Mississippi blacks back to the civil rights Stone Age of the 1960s in which their religious principles and rights of conscience had no legal protection, an era in which black pastors could be thrown in jail for standing for principles of liberty and equality.

Adams’ apparently believes that black pastors, clerks, non-profit leaders, and wedding vendors in Mississippi have no rights the white man is bound to respect.

The mind absolutely boggles that anyone could write sentences that fucking stupid and still manage to dress themselves without help.

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