Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Donald Trump

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Donald Trump April 20, 2016

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of exhibiting their own worst characteristics. Today’s winner is Donald Trump, who responded to Hillary Clinton telling black radio hosts that she carries hot sauce in her purse by accusing her of pandering.


Donald Trump has some thoughts about Hillary Clinton saying she carries hot sauce in her bag: She’s “phony” and “pandering.”

The real estate mogul was asked on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday about an interview Clinton did with a hip-hop station’s radio show in New York where she said that she carries hot sauce in her purse (Clinton has long been known as a hot pepper aficionado). The hosts then said she’d be criticized for “pandering” to the African-American vote. “Is it working?” Clinton asked, laughing.

“It’s the same thing she always does. She carries hot sauce like I carry hot sauce. It’s just, I don’t know so phony, and so pandering and so terrible,” Trump said before adding, “I think, you know, frankly, I think Bernie probably has a decent chance to win. It won’t matter. Then they’ll say, it doesn’t matter because she’s — look, it’s a crooked system.”

Now I have no idea whether Clinton carries hot sauce in her purse or not and I couldn’t care less. But Jesus H. Christ, Donald Trump is accusing someone else of pandering? The guy who just last week started off a meeting with Jewish reporters by telling his campaign manager to fetch all his Jews for him? The guy who has sworn that he will be able to force everyone to say Merry Christmas? Trump is setting a world record for pandering, for crying out loud.

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