Cruz Tells Orthodox Jews God Wants Him to Be President

Cruz Tells Orthodox Jews God Wants Him to Be President April 20, 2016

In New York, there’s a sizable bloc of Orthodox Jewish voters and candidates from both parties have tried to reach out to them. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have even put out fliers and ads in Yiddish. And Cruz’ Yiddish ad says that he believes God wants him to be president:


By comparison, a Yiddish advertisement run by the Cruz campaign touted the Texas Senator”s conservative bona fides and religious faith.

“Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the first and only since President Reagan who believes that God is the one who decides who will be elected president of the US, which is why he is confident that he will be elected.”

First of all, he sure as hell is not the first and only candidate since Reagan to believe that. Every single cycle we have several Republican candidates who make that claim. Interestingly, none of them have even sniffed getting in to the White House. Secondly, this means that God chose Obama to be president, right? Twice, in fact. And if Cruz loses, whoever beats him will obviously be the person God likes better than Cruz, right?

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